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2017 2nd Large 261 43401
2016 3rd Large 246 43401
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2010 1st Large 217 37079
2009 1st Large 203 39912

Edward Jones is the nation’s largest financial-services firm in terms of branch offices, with more than 12,300 U.S. locations. Every aspect of our business, from investment types to branch locations, is designed to cater to more than 7 million clients in communities where they live and work. Financial advisors work with clients to understand personal goals – from college savings to retirement – and create long-term investment solutions that emphasize a well-balanced portfolio and a buy-and-hold strategy. We embrace the importance of building long-term, face-to-face relationships with clients, helping them to understand and make sense of the investment options available today.

The typical Edward Jones branch has one financial advisor and one branch office administrator serving clients in neighborhoods where they live and work. We pay expenses, install technology and provide all the training and support needed to succeed. Financial advisors are paid to study for licenses, then go on salary plus earn commissions and bonuses, and get subsidized benefits in their early years. They eventually transition to commission earnings supplemented by profitability bonuses and profit sharing, even the possibility of limited partnership. We pay branch office administrators hourly, but they earn bonuses, get profit sharing and are offered limited partnership, too. All are firm associates, strongly supported in their regions and by home-office personnel.

Hiring efforts for our branches all over the country never slow. We continue to hire financial advisors and branch office administrators to open new branches in all 50 states. We believe many individual investors need our calm, well-reasoned advice based on their needs.

Edward Jones is a partnership owned by 19,000 limited partners and 418 principals, all associates. It is headquartered in St. Louis and operates in the United States and, through its affiliate, in Canada. All income after expenses is paid out to associates through bonuses, profit sharing and partnership earnings.

Every associate has an opportunity to own part of the firm. Partnership is a unique reward that few companies offer. Any associate in good standing with three years of service can be offered partnership. Nearly half of associates are owners.

Through profit sharing, we share 24% of net profits annually – $171 million in 2016 – with all associates employed six months or more who work at least 20 hours weekly. This amount boosted annual pay 4.5%.

Ask associates to describe the Edward Jones culture and you’ll hear again and again the word “family,” with stories describing why close behind. If you work here, you’re automatically in the family. And this family is a caring one.

If a child is sick, an emergency arises or one of life’s more challenging events strikes, financial advisors and branch office administrators put family first with everyone’s OK. We offer helpful programs to provide transitional representatives when a financial advisor is out or a trained on-call branch office administrator when branch assistance is needed.

Caring is part of our culture and leaders are authorized to do the right thing to help associates navigate personal difficulties, whether that means extra time off, special pay arrangements, a loan, a health-benefits exception or preventative programs to head off a crisis.

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