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Better Business Bureau


Boise, ID

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2017 1st Small 21 100
2015 6th Micro 16 16
2014 9th Micro 16 16

See why Better Business Bureau is the 2017 Best Place to Work in Idaho for employers with 20 - 49 employees.

At Better Business Bureau our employees not only get to make a difference in our community every day they come to work, they also have a phenomenal work environment to do it in.

We care about our employees and we celebrate personal and professional accomplishments. Once a month, the entire Northwest organization meets for a staff meeting, which we end with a cake to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We have quarterly lunches to bring together the office, and we regularly hold potlucks before holidays. We offer generous holidays and time off so that our team members can maintain a work-life balance and feel refreshed when they come to work. BBB serving the Northwest also offers an excellent 401(k) package, including up to a 6% company match.

While perks and benefits can make a job attractive, at BBB we know that job satisfaction is tied to quality communication and clear goals. Every employee meets with their direct manager weekly for one on ones to review performance, go over goals, talk about best practices, and share feedback on what's working and what's not working. We strive for specific, clear communication within teams and between departments. When positions open, we look to our team members first. When we do hire, we take our time, going through an extensive process to ensure a good match with new team members.

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