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In a time when many businesses are being forced to cut benefits for their employees, A1 Plumbing & Perfect Air has added to or maintained our “base” benefits (Health Insurance and paid vacation) and has enhanced some benefits that some may consider as secondary. All team members are eligible for 6 paid holidays per year (Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving). These paid holidays augment our company’s desire to balance work/life for our valued team members. While not benefits in traditional sense, the company has created numerous ways to recognize and reward team members for their valued contributions. Some examples:

Company vehicles: 90% of all technicians and sales people are allowed to take company vehicles home each evening. Depending on where the person lives, this means several thousand dollars of fuel and wear and tear on personal vehicles is avoided.

Uniforms: All technicians receive pants, shirts, hats and jackets at no expense to them. Any replacements from wear and tear are completed at company expense.

Tool account: Each technician receives $20 per month that they can use to repair or replace any of their personal tools they use for work. The tools definitely need to be replaced as they are used quite a bit in day-to-day work.

Referral bonus: We value our team member’s opinions on who “fits” the company so much that any team member can earn a bonus of $500 if they refer any person to the company that is hired.

Pay for Performance: Every team member in the company has the opportunity to earn more money by performing to specifically identified tasks or goals. Many companies reserve pay for performance bonuses for only their top paid employees. A1 recognizes that everyone contributes so it only makes sense that everyone should be recognized and rewarded for top performance.

Wheel of Fortune: Each week team members are identified for outstanding performance and given a chance to spin a wheel for prizes such as cash, movie tickets, lunch certificates and lottery tickets. The team members are selected for doing things outside their normal pay for performance criteria. It could be an outstanding customer review or covering someone’s shift.

Promote from within: We strongly encourage that all team members have personal growth plans. Whether they want to take on more responsibility and move into supervisor or manager roles, or just continue to grow in their current position, we want them to grow. It works so well that 7 out of last 8 supervisors or manager hires were from within the company.

Training: Each week our technicians meet for an hour of focused technical or other skills training. We target 100 hours per year for training for technicians. We’re even building our own onsite training center in which we will replicate all of the plumbing, heating, and cooling systems you will find in a house. This will allow all of our team members hands on training, in a centralized location. For our office staff, each member is offered the opportunity to do offsite professional training for their specific position. We find that enabling our team to go, often out of state, to these training gives them an opportunity to grow within their role or into new roles as the company grows.

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