Alturas Capital Partners

Alturas Capital Partners is a real estate investment and operating company based in Boise, Idaho.  We own and operate real estate throughout the Western United States.  Our business is built on long-term partnerships with investors, brokers, tenants and we strive every day to create value for these partners.

Our core values are:  Abundance, Partnerships, Create Value, Responsibility, Consistency, Continual Improvement

The leadership team at Alturas Capital Partners believes in helping employees accomplish their goals.  The company increases the benefits offered year over year, appreciates employee feedback and provides a safe and committed work environment.  Our team has extremely low turnover because we have the right people doing the right job.  We have a lot of fun too.

We are not playing a zero-sum game.  Life and business are an infinite contest where the possibilities are endless and human ingenuity creates abundance.  We share generously with our teammates and partners, because without them there would be nothing to share.  The more success our teammates and partners have, the more success and opportunity it creates.