BestNotes is an innovative technology company that provides a mission-driven culture, transparent leadership, and prides its technology on impacting the lives of millions of people nationwide.
BestNotes encourages their employees to provide their feedback and values individualistic experience from the staff to have a significant and direct impact on the business and the company’s success. BestNotes has created a culture for their employees to feel valued and secure. BestNotes invests in employee development, not only as an employee but to be the best persons they can be. In order to obtain this, BestNotes provides coaching from a team leader to reach goals inside and outside of the workplace.

BestNotes has sought to further assist with employee’s financial goals, so they have provided an online financial program, designed to provide motivation and encouragement employees need to stay on track to reach financial goals.

Most importantly, BestNotes recognizes that time is the most valuable asset we have. As a result, each employee is given every other Friday off (paid).