Franklin Building Supply

Franklin Building Supply has a deep history of helping make building easy for homebuilders and homeowners across the state of Idaho. Founded by Idahoans in 1976, Franklin touches more communities and provides more employment opportunities in Idaho than any other single building supplier.

Talk to anyone who works at Franklin and you hear a consistent theme: “this feels like family.” That’s because at Franklin, the Franklin people come first. They believe that the customer experience will never exceed the employee experience. In a business as complex and diverse as Franklin’s, this kind of employee centricity is the key to success.

Lumberyards are a central feature in any town. Franklin fills that bill and much more. From lumber to siding and roofing and windows, to cabinets and insulation and flooring and doors, Franklin helps make building at every step of a project easier. Need help figuring out a project? Franklin people come to the rescue.

Franklin people are expected to think with their customers, provide guidance where appropriate and communicate to anticipate solutions to construction obstacles. This level of responsibility, rare in the industry, is every day life at Franklin, where employees often enjoy careers that span decades. A career at Franklin, where the employees own 100% of the company, is worth more in so many ways.