Hayden Beverage Company

Owned and operated by the Hayden Family since the 1970s, we are Idaho’s largest and most professional distributor of beer, wine, and premium non-alcoholic beverages. Pretty good so far, right? We work hard every day to bring quality products to the market, provide excellent service and execute at the highest level. In other words, we sell fun products, with fun people, to fun people. One of our monthly employee benefits is beer, wine or NA products to take home, learn about, and relax. Keep going, it gets better.

Our company core values (Professionalism, Respect, Engagement, We Care) are woven into our work, relationships, and interactions every day. No one is above a job. On any given day, you will see our senior managers on a delivery or sales route helping throw cases, our President and HR Director in jeans and tees building pallets in the warehouse, or our Owner/CEO and CFO sweating through their shirts building displays in the stores.

At Hayden, we are a family business doing business as a family. What does that mean? It means we are a community of people who care about each other, support each other, and challenge each other. Challenge one another to learn, to grow, to work hard. Our company trajectory has created countless opportunities for promotion, growth, and new career paths. The previous president of Hayden, several of the VPs, GMs, and directors started in the warehouse, on a truck, or on a sales route and climbed the ladder to run the company. 

The “family” part of a family business? We take that very seriously. We care about our employees, and we care about their families. Providing great benefits and perks that help them is a top priority. This includes a “Babies at Work” policy where new mothers can bring their infant to the office for the first 4 months. We offer a match on employee educational savings accounts and reimburse for safe rides home for when you have “had a few.” Monthly family suppers are held to connect, share a meal, and meet new employees. We take care of people when they are in financial, medical, marital, or legal trouble.  As a matter of fact, many of our employees are literally family, including spouses, children, siblings, and cousins.

We are committed to building a diverse team of talented people. A team of people that bring different perspectives and feel a sense of inclusion and belonging when they join the Hayden Family. Our culture thrives on change and curiosity, encouraging our employees to share and collaborate to continue to improve our workplace. Hayden is a community of people who have each other’s back. A community where all people feel valued and feel heard. Where we win as a family and grow as a family. We work hard. We play hard. We have fun!