Hayden Beverage Company

Reasons to Work at Hayden:
·         We have a wide variety of benefits for all ages
·         We offer competitive pay with bonus incentives 
·         We are developing our continuing education 
·         We invest in those who want to grow and develop
·         We support families and family values 
·         We support inclusivity 
·         We keep our heads down politically 
·         We support new mothers and know the value and importance of those first few months/year 
·         We reward loyalty through our PTO policy, the longer you stay, the more you earn
·         Improved tenure rewards & sabbaticals 
·         We know the importance of supported mental health (EAP)
·         Transparency if you want it 
·         We support open discussion on topics/issues
·         We engage with employees and want to hear ideas of how to be better and more efficient
·         We are consistently looking for new ways to benefit our employees (budget/finance classes this year, estate planning class) 
·         We have core values that help align us all in the way we conduct ourselves professionally as well as personally (Professionalism, Respect, Engagement, We Care)
·         Members of our Executive/C-Team started from entry level positions. They understand the ins and outs. 
·         Effort is made by the CEO to know who every single employee is 
·         We’re competitive, we don’t like to lose, we don’t know what it means to sit and idle  
·         We have a variety of generations, which in turn gives us a wide range of perspectives to work with and use when making decisions