Pick Me Up Drinks

“Anyone can pour drinks into a cup… and sure, our drinks and cookies are amazing, but really we just use that as an excuse to meet people, make friends, and hopefully add a little more brightness to the day. We’re about lifting people up and spreading cheer, and if we haven’t done that by the time you’ve left our window… we’ve failed.”

Pick Me Up’s CEOs Zac Martin & Amy Martin, developed and ran a highly successful real estate brokerage in Idaho Falls prior to devoting all their time and attention to Pick Me Up. Their background and passion is in developing leaders that are self reliant and exceptional problem solvers. Travis Buhl, the Director of HR, is a Georgetown University alumni with an extensive background in corporate HR. Most recently and before joining Pick Me Up, he was an HR representative for PepsiCo in the Virginia/Tennessee market. With a Master’s degree in Organizational Structure, his passion is in creating a balanced organizational structure and creating a culture that is fun, upbeat and positive. 

This corporate team invests time and energy into Pick Me Up’s leadership. Shift Leads, General Managers and District Managers will learn to lead fearlessly and in an elite fashion. They account for the KPI’s of their location in weekly meetings. They attend monthly leadership meetings where they account for their numbers in front of the corporate team and their peers as well as review the 3 Pick Me Up Pillars. 

  • Pick Me Up – Bring your best most positive self to work
  • Pick Each Other Up – Support your coworker family in anyway possible at all times
  • Pick our Customers Up – Be the best part of their day, we pride ourselves on the experience that each customer has each time they stop to see us. 
In our leadership meetings, leaders are also instructed on how to take ownership of their positions and drive other important initiatives in their locations. Employees will learn how to be elite leaders at Pick Me Up and will either promote within or company or leave our organization equipped with a polished leadership skill set to be successful in any venture they choose.