Pointe Pest Control-Id, LLC

Pointe Pest Control is the Premier Pest Control agency in the Northwest. Why? Pointe is fanatical about our customers and the service we provide.

Founded in 2006 by Inland NW Resident Jacob Borg, Pointe Pest Control has grown from a single office in Spokane, Washington, to multiple locations throughout Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Today Pointe employs an impressive group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals committed to problem-solving and serving our customers’ needs. Pointe provides services to both residential and commercial customers; ranging from General Pest Control to Bed Bug Treatment, to specialized pest services like Bird Control, Termite Service, Carpenter Ant Control, and Rodent Extermination. In addition, Pointe provides Attic and Crawl Space Clean-out and Insulation Services.

POINTE cares about the human element. We strive FIRST to be GOOD PEOPLE. POINTE operates with high performance, team unity, and an ownership mentality. POINTE understands the law of the harvest. We work hard & we give 110% every day. We reap what we sow. We appreciate the commitments and contributions our employees make. We give back to the community. We develop fun traditions, group activities, and promote a “POINTE Family” atmosphere. This is no place for egos at POINTE. We are interested in working with the BEST and most PROFESSIONAL Managers, Office Staff, Technicians, & Sales Representatives.