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Increased Efficiency. Increased Production.
It’s time to take your mortgage career to the next level.
Supporting our loan officers is our #1 priority. We do that through innovative marketing, efficient operations teams, and a superior technology stack. Today, technology is not only mandatory but expected. We are delivering advanced technology to our producers and to their clients to increase efficiencies in lending so that you can do what you do best: help your customers.
At Premier Mortgage Resources, we have combined the power of an amazing technology deck that will wow your clients with other advanced offline tools, including one of the best operations teams in the industry, a full-service marketing department, our exclusive Xcelerate Approval System, and more!
Exceed your career dreams with increased production, and bigger commissions.
You hear about “fast-growing companies” all the time. The important thing to note is how long they’ve seen sustainable growth. Since starting in the early 2000s, PMR has significantly grown year over year.
In fact, in just the past few years, we’ve seen:

  • 19% YOY growth in 2021
  • 130% YOY growth in 2020
  • 31% YOY growth in 2019
  • 42% YOY growth in 2018
In 2022, like most mortgage companies, we saw the market retract, but PMR remained profitable and strong, and we’re ready to take advantage of the rebound in the market from a position of strength. This kind of sustainability is generated by the success formula that we pass on to our loan officers. They in turn benefit from the same types of growth in their own personal production. Not only that, but our company Employee Stock Ownership Program makes sure that you own a part of the success.

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