Saalt is a female-founded, women-owned period care company with the vision to make cleaner, more sustainable period care accessible to everyone. We support individuals to make better choices for their menstrual health through stigma-breaking branding and an industry-leading product line that offers modern, reusable products to the mainstream consumer. We also believe that business governed by strong ethics creates a powerful vehicle to bring about positive change. As a certified B Corp, Saalt allocates 2% of revenue to donate improved period care to areas with the most need, and funds initiatives in menstrual health, girls education, and environmental sustainability. Since Saalt’s launch in 2018, Saalt has donated over 48,000 period cups & 3,500 pairs of period underwear to underprivileged women and girls in 35 countries to help them confidently manage their periods, stay in school, and lift themselves out of poverty.
Our mission is to empower and equip people to live their best lives, and that commitment extends from our internal Team to our Customers and Impact Partners abroad. Our products empower our Customers to live their best lives, even while menstruating. Our impact work rewards organizations making a difference and empowers people to rise above poverty through access to period care and education. We also believe in empowering our Team at all levels. We encourage top-down and bottom-up communication and feedback that is always delivered with the employee’s best interest in mind. Our Leadership Team and mid-level Managers are coached to encourage Team participation in everything from goal-setting to critical decision-making. Great ideas can come from anywhere, so we mine for conflict to make sure all voices and perspectives are heard and then make decisions by committee. We don’t always all agree, but we know how to disagree and commit to the decision that is reached by the Team.
Because we foster a culture where everyone has a voice, we’ve adopted great ideas from even our newest hires. When one of our summer Interns suggested that we look into using post-consumer recycled plastic for our Saalt Wash tubes, she had the autonomy to find a new supplier that dropped our cost and our eco- footprint. These wins are a direct result of our deliberate open culture that trains new hires to check their ego at the door.
Saalt also uses objective-based management to set clear quarterly company milestones which are communicated to the entire organization and reviewed weekly to ensure they’re on schedule. All Team Members are involved in setting their Team’s quarterly objectives, which support company goals. Every individual also has their own goals that are set together with Managers so they are crystal clear on exactly how their day-to-day is directly tied to the success of the company. When everybody participates in setting company strategy, two things happen. First, management doesn’t miss critical issues that are clear to other Team Members. Second, everyone is bought in and works harder because they helped set the priorities. Goals are discussed in weekly department meetings and everyone has the opportunity to raise any concerns regarding progress at any time. The result is a Team that knows they are heard and valued, and they are deeply dedicated to the company’s mission.
Because of how we manage, we don’t have to measure hours or vacation days. We let our Team set their own schedules and take time off on their terms. They know they need to leave their Team in a good place before they go, and they do. It negates the worry of people taking too much time because they don’t want to let down their Team or miss contributing meaningfully to lofty goals. And no official PTO policy doesn’t mean no vacation. The Founders and Leadership Team set the example by taking appropriate vacation throughout the year and the Team always steps up when they’re away.

Last, we stress being open and honest at all levels. Open, meaning you listen before making up your mind, and honest, meaning if you have something to say, don’t hold back. This helps issues surface so they can be addressed quickly. We don’t let problems fester unresolved.