The Nichols Accounting Group

When recruiting new candidates, we are often competing against larger Firms. I share with them why I think Nichols and a small Firm is a great choice.

Access to leaders: From day one, our new staff will work in collaboration with our senior and executive management on complex projects. They are shadowing these individuals to accelerate their business acumen, and thus, their ability to lead as a client manager sooner, rather than later.

Access to variety: Our Firm engages in many different types of consulting projects. When they join the Firm, they will be assigned to a wide variety of scenarios, again, exposing them to multiple opportunities to learn and identify their area of mastery over time. This of course, can and does change as they grow and progress.

A voice at the Firm: We are continuously seeking to improve and advance the Firm. Who better to help design the future, than our future leaders? They are actively involved in what we refer to as "blueprint projects", where they have a voice in creating Firm policies and procedures that impact both the staff and our clients.

Flexibility: We know and continue to hear how important this is to our staff. From the ability to structure flexible work weeks, to the ability to work from home in some scenarios, to closing our offices early on Fridays through the summer, we're seeking ways to help offset the hours that are typically required during tax season. This year, for the first time in 43 years, we have even said "no mandatory Saturdays". We hire professionals and know they will manage the workload appropriately.

A clear understanding of success: We have invested a lot of time and effort into developing clear job descriptions, performance expectations, coaching systems, career training systems, and more, to help our employees clearly understand what it takes to advance and be successful at the Firm. We've eliminated the annual performance review and replaced it with monthly coaching, to include a more in-depth conversation on a trimester basis. We want people to drive their careers, and support them with the systems and tools they need to be successful in doing so.