People are what make Tovuti a great place to come to work each day. 
Tovuti has a strong team comprised of individuals who are all awesome in their field… and in general. We recognize that in order for someone to be successful in an organization, they need to feel like everyone around them has their back. If you are part of Tovuti, you can rest assured that the team is watching out for you and definitely has your back. At Tovuti, we win as a team and we lose as a team. Most of the time though, we are winning as a team. 
Some organizations believe the CEO is where the spotlight should be. Tovuti believes all employees should be in the spotlight because the more our employees achieve, both personally and professionally, the more the team succeeds. While Tovuti sells software as a service, we do not see ourselves as a software or technology company. We are a culture company that happens to make some really cool software and we use that software as a catalyst to grow individuals, communities, and each other. 
Speaking of growth, have you ever worked at a company that has weekly lunch and learns in which team members take turns teaching each other about the things they are passionate about? If you work at Tovuti, you have! Tovuti’s leadership believes that a successful employee is not only awesome at work but they excel in their communities, their family life, and their personal goals. Even if that personal goal is building an arcade in their home office. Yes, that happened. This is one of the reasons Tovuti doesn’t have a limit on employee vacation and personal time. If you need to take a week off so that you can come back to work reinvigorated and bursting with ideas, do it. If you need to take a day off to go volunteer for a local charity, do it. If you have family at home that need your attention, they are more important than your job so you should definitely take care of them. Tovuti’s leadership team trusts that if you are on this team, you can be trusted to do your job and communicate when you need help or when you will be absent.