Tribute Media

Tribute Media has long promoted a fun and flexible work environment that encourages employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance and love what they do. Some favorite long-standing Tribute Media traditions include: birthday celebrations where we all enjoy the guest of honor’s favorite dessert, as well as regular “creative sessions” where we take a couple of hours away from our desks to engage in fun activities that sometimes result in new products, but always result in laughter and shenanigans.

In the past few years, several new initiatives were introduced to delight employees even further including:
Four-Day Workweek. Our office is closed on Fridays to allow employees to spend time with their families, on continuing education, or whatever else they’d like. 
Significant Pay Increases for all employees in an effort to ensure all employees are compensated in the top 80% for the industry and region.
Open Vacation Policy that allows for flexibility in taking time away from the office whenever it is needed, not based on how many hours you’ve accrued.
Annual Disconnected Vacation Bonus to incentivize employees to take a break completely disconnected from work each year. 
Flexible Work Location for employees who want to work while they travel, work from home when the kids are out of school, or work from a coffee shop if they need a change of scenery. 

Everyone at Tribute Media lives and breathes our company values of:

  • Enjoy every damn minute
  • Family, friends and relationships are at the heart of everything we do
  • Keep it real
  • Always be learning
  • How can I help?
And it’s easy to do since we all had a hand in defining these values. We also believe in a little thing we call “EmployJoy” which represents our initiative to work hard for our clients so we can enjoy celebrating success, as well as our belief that happy employees produce work that delights our clients.