Weiser Memorial Hospital

Founded in 1950, Weiser Memorial Hospital was established with funding from Washington County, The City of Weiser and individual donors. We now offer a wide range of healthcare and related services through the addition of our Surgical and Specialty Clinic. We are now supported in part by the Washington County taxpayers, through the Washington County Hospital Taxing District, with all revenues going back to the hospital’s mission in the form of services, facilities, personnel, and equipment.

• Weiser Memorial Hospital is guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected by the Washington County taxpayers.
• Weiser Memorial Hospital serves Washington, Adams and Payette Counties in Idaho and the Annex District of Oregon.

• Weiser Memorial Hospital is a Licensed 25 bed Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Weiser.

• Weiser Memorial Hospital’s emergency department offers 24/7 emergency care, medical imaging, blood testing, respiratory therapy, and more.
• Weiser Memorial Hospital staff includes more than 160 employees.

2022 Statistics

• Weiser Memorial Hospital performed more than 818 surgical  procedures.
• 57 babies were born at Weiser Memorial Hospital last year.

• 615 inpatients were served at Weiser Memorial Hospital.

• 25 Swing Bed patients for recovery, rehabilitation and extended care at the hospital.
• 16,389 outpatients were served at Weiser Memorial Hospital.
• 3,894 visits to the Weiser Memorial Hospital’s  Emergency Department.
• 5,316 patients were seen in our Imaging Departments
• 2,073 CT scans were performed