Best Places to Work in Idaho
We've added local programs across the state in addition to our statewide program.

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Who We Are

The Best Places to Work in Idaho is a community of organizations dedicated to the betterment of the condition of employment.

We have rallied around three key concepts.

  1. The nobility and honor inherent in employment.
  2. The capacity employment possesses to generate financial and emotional prosperity when it's done right.
  3. Doing employment right is no more expensive and far more profitable than not.

Why We're the Best

of winner selection based on employee feedback
13 Years
of honoring the best employers in Idaho
surveys completed by Idaho employees
employee confidentiality

Data and Survey Methodology

To ensure accuracy and legitimacy, POPULUS, a marketing and HR research firm founded in 1990, conducts the surveying and data analysis for the Best Places to Work in Idaho. The annual program survey measures employee engagement, behaviors, and intentions as well as employer performance on 52 touchpoints across 5 key dimensions that make up an organization’s employee experience.

Only employee feedback is used to rank employers. POPULUS uses the results of the employee survey to compute an Employer Engagement Excellence score which is then used to rank the employers in each size category.

Marketing and HR Research

The power of this community is brought to you by POPULUS® one of the most innovative marketing and HR research firms in operation today. Our unique strength comes from our fully integrated combination of research science, technology, and business acumen. We deliver practical, data-driven insights and recommendations to our clients enabling them to seize market opportunities, capture the minds and hearts of their customers, and fully engage their workforce.

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