Best Places to Work in Idaho
We've added local programs across the state in addition to our statewide program.
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CBH Homes

Past Results

Contest: Idaho - Statewide

Year Award Size Category
2024 1st Large
2023 2nd Large
2022 1st Large
2021 2nd Large
2020 1st Large
2019 2nd Large
2018 2nd Medium
2017 1st Medium
2016 5th Small
2015 5th Small
2014 4th Small
2013 6th Small
2012 1st Small
2010 1st Small

Contest: Idaho - Southwest (Treasure Valley)

Year Award Size Category
2024 1st Large
2023 2nd Large
Here at CBH Homes, we do more than just build homes. 

We build communities. We have 57 new home communities in 12 different cities in the Treasure Valley. CBH supports and gives back to the community you’re in.

We build cities. CBH’s developments are improving roads, bringing amenities to new areas, and helping grow the areas you enjoy. 

We build people. From our employees to our homeowners, we’re giving opportunities to those who want to grow, do more, and be better. 

We build careers. This isnʼt a job, we donʼt punch clocks. This is a lifestyle and we're ALL IN. We're passionate and committed to not just fill jobs but build careers. 

We build leaders. At our core, we believe you are a leader no matter your position at CBH.  We believe that leaders are learners and have set programs and courses to coach you at every level. 

We build teams. When you’re at CBH you’re part of a professional team who strives to be the best of the best. We're number 1, we play as a team, and we are constantly growing our team. 

We build companies. From a homebuilding company to an interior finishes company, a truss plant, a heating and air company to land development. CBH has built 7+ companies and counting. 

We build dreams. We build the dream of homeownership. The dream of a career. The dream of loving where you live. 

At CBH Homes, we’re built different. 

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