Best Places to Work in Idaho
We've added local programs across the state in addition to our statewide program.
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Past Results

Contest: Idaho - Statewide

Year Award Size Category
2024 HM Medium
2023 HM Medium
2021 HM Medium
2020 HM Medium
2019 8th Medium
2013 HM Small

Contest: Idaho - Southwest (Treasure Valley)

Year Award Size Category
2024 10th Medium
2023 HM Medium
For nearly 50 years, Hawkins has been synonymous with outstanding real estate development. Spanning retail, office, multifamily, self-storage and charter schools, Hawkins has successfully developed hundreds of properties across the U.S. We are proud of these achievements, but success starts long before the ribbon-cutting or groundbreaking. At Hawkins, the right outcome begins by doing the right thing. Only integrity can yield this level of excellence. Our reputation for fairness and honesty has been built with intention over decades, offering our professional services from a family-oriented mindset. This emphasis on relationship-centered connection begins within the Hawkins culture, fostering a sense of community that emanates outwardly to our partners, tenants and the communities we serve across the country. Our roots are firmly entrenched in Boise, but Hawkins continues to expand its portfolio, influence and way of doing business around the world.

Fostering a strong connection within the Hawkins community creates a shared sense of purpose and belonging, and there is a genuine and mutual respect among our team. Culture is not just a buzzword at our company; it is an integral and essential ingredient in building positive relationships and careers from the inside out. As a result, this support inspires higher engagement, enhanced ingenuity, significant productivity and overall happiness in the workplace.

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