Best Places to Work in Idaho
We've added local programs across the state in addition to our statewide program.
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Past Results

Contest: Idaho - Statewide

Year Award Size Category
2024 TR Macro
2023 3rd Macro
2021 4th Macro
2020 1st Macro
2019 2nd Macro
2018 3rd Macro
2017 1st Large
2016 1st Small
2015 1st Small

Contest: Idaho - North

Year Award Size Category
2024 TR Micro

Contest: Idaho - Southwest (Treasure Valley)

Year Award Size Category
2024 TR Macro
2023 2nd Macro
Intuit is an employee-centric company. It’s baked into who we are, and an integral part of the foundation on which we’ve built our culture and our products. We have an unwavering commitment to putting employees first — all while ensuring our customers, partners, and shareholders have the best possible experience every time they interact with our products and our teams. 

A large part of what makes Intuit’s culture unique is our commitment to our core values. These values aren’t just words on a wall; employees live and breathe them every day. It starts with our two core values that have been with the company since its inception in 1983: Integrity without Compromise and We Care and Give Back. All decisions made at Intuit start with these values in mind. We also encourage our teams to live by a few more principles: Be Bold, Be Passionate, Be Decisive, Learn Fast, Win Together, and Deliver Awesome. All of these together play a role in Intuit’s award-winning culture.

Over the years, we’ve worked incredibly hard to maintain our amazing company culture as we’ve quadrupled the size of the Boise site. The energy at our Boise campus, as any visitor will tell you, is palpable. Once you’ve been warmly welcomed through our doors, you’re never far from a friendly face. We make every effort to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging, and celebrating diversity by empowering our employees to bring their whole selves to work. A variety of employee resource groups are available to encourage networking and connections; from our Intuit Pride Network to our Tech Women @ Intuit initiative. We stay true to our company culture in everything we do, whether it’s as simple as a surprise swag desk drop, or as huge and involved as an all-company celebration. 

Employees are no strangers to working really, really hard, and playing even harder. The Boise campus is conveniently located near the Boise River Greenbelt — perfect for a midday run, fishing reprieve, or scenic bicycle commute. Boise employees enjoy annual family-friendly company events, craft beer on tap, ping-pong, foosball, video games, and more. 

Of course, we couldn’t do what we do without our customers. Intuit employees live and breathe customer obsession. The Boise site’s customer support team boasts tens of thousands of five-star reviews for their excellent service. Every person who works at the Boise campus shares a passion for technology, an unwavering faith in our products, and a genuine desire to power prosperity around the world. 

And finally, on that note, one of things that sets Intuit apart as a tech company and employer is our mission: powering prosperity around the world. We’re committed to making a meaningful impact in our communities, whether it’s through our ecosystem of products, our commitment to sustainability best practices, or our Prosperity Hubs—customer success centers placed in communities that can benefit the most from economic opportunities. We know our employees are passionate about and excited to be part of a mission that makes a real difference in our communities and our planet.

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