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Apply today for the Best Places to Work in Idaho™ award – created to identify, promote, and support Idaho’s best employers. Employers must register for this program to participate and honorees are identified based on the results of a confidential employee survey.


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Participation Eligibility

Any organization employing at least 10 people in the state of Idaho is eligible to participate.

Participating organizations must:

  • Complete the online registration form
  • Allow POPULUS to conduct confidential surveys among employees
  • Designate a person in the company to complete a confidential online survey about current employment practices


POPULUS will conduct the surveys and analyze the data, which will be reported at the aggregate level. Survey responses, both for employees and the participating organizations, will be completely confidential. Participating organizations will receive a summary of their scores in each of five areas:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Work Environment
  • Company Management
  • Employee Growth and Development
  • Work-Life Balance

Language Options

The online survey is available in English and Spanish. The first page of the survey allows respondents to select the language of their choice to complete the survey.

Award Eligibility

To be eligible for an award, employers must have a certain proportion of their workforce complete the survey. POPULUS will report the results to all participating companies but will indicate when sample sizes are too small to be statistically reliable.

Minimum survey completion rates for eligibility for an award are as follows:

10 - 19 employees: 80%
20 - 49 employees: 70%
50 - 249 employees: 60%
250 or more employees: 50%

Why should you participate?


Registration Includes:

1. Confidential online employee survey

2. Online report of top line results confidentially compared to the other participants

3. Contest entry


Winners Recieve:

1. Trophy
2. Recognition at an award celebration


Honorees Receive:

1. Branding
2. Use of honoree badges for online marketing
3. Recognition through numerous media outlets

Important Dates

Registration is CLOSED

Registration for the 2021 program closed February 1, 2021.

End of January


Application Deadline

End of February


Survey Deadline

Beginning of March


Notifications Go Out

April 15, 2021

Awards Ceremony and Top Ten Lists (by company size and ranking order) are released.

End of April, 2021

All applicants will receive a strengths and weaknesses snapshot report based on employee survey.

May, 2020

All custom reports available.

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