Best Places to Work in Idaho
We've added local programs across the state in addition to our statewide program.
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Secured Investment Corp

Past Results

Contest: Idaho - Statewide

Year Award Size Category
2024 TR Medium
2023 HM Large

Contest: Idaho - North

Year Award Size Category
2024 TR Medium
2023 9th Large
As a team member of Secured Investment Corp you'll experience a powerful culture of fun, community and growth. Our goal each year is to live ahead of objective and we celebrate our progress and success often and the success of our clients. You can expect to be a part of numerous celebrations each year.

Secured Investment Corp is one of the fastest growing companies in the private money real estate marketplace and has a vast portfolio of real estate investment brands. These brands include the Lee Arnold System, Cogo Capital, Lake City Servicing and several smaller niche brands and products. 

Since their inception, these brands have helped tens of thousands of real estate investors through their offering of education products, private money lending, loan servicing and the creation and management of real estate investment funds. These companies continue to experience explosive growth and are actively looking for great people to keep up with its increased demand.

Company Mission: Accelerating wealth for our clients, team members and their families.

Company Core Values:  Dependable – Determined – Diligent - Driven

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